Dear Friends of Gainesville

We'll clean your spacesuit, your greatgrandmother's quilt or wedding dress, your feather bed, or your fabric purse. Craft Cleaners cleans stuffed toys, blocks, needlepoint, newly knitted sweaters and gives a new garment press to hand sewn items. We press bridesmaids gowns, whiten wedding veils, sew in new, full, 3/4 or 1/2 pockets in trousers and we repair or replace zippers.

We'll clean your suede, fur, or fabric coat, or your wolf fur-lined parka, your sleeping bag, camper draperies, bedspreads - even Aunt Maude's pin cushion or sofa pillows

We'll take down, clean and rehang your draperies. We'll clean your area rugs and then we'll teflon.

Whatever you need in the line of clothing care or household cleaning - Craft Cleaners can do the job for you.